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Thank you for visiting A Couple for the Road! We hope to inspire you and be inspired by sharing our travel stories, as well as hearing of yours! This site was written with the intention of not only sharing our stories, but helping others find their own voice and envision their own journeys. The best reward we can have is seeing you enjoy rewards of your own!

Please contact us with any suggestions, comments, stories, or anything else you might have. We love to hear from our friends, immediate and extended, about their own travels!

It’s about the journey… and the destination! Cheers to all of us!

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How we began

Our travels together started in July 2007 in Downtown Nashville, and since that time we’ve moved and journeyed to some incredible places, as well as seen and done some amazing things. As writers and a couple that is obsessed with travel, we ran across some of the great work by blogs such as Nomadic Matt, The Planet D, Nomadic Samuel and the Expert Vagabond, and thought “why not us?” In 2016, that thought led to the actual beginning of A Couple for the Road when the first post went up in December.

Currently, we reside in South Florida with our cats and the endless sunshine. We’re a unique breed– a 30-something couple, without kids and an unquenchable desire to see everything and anything. Though we call South Florida home, we love traveling to the far reaches of the globe, connecting with people and cultures, and having the opportunity to share in this human experience. We hope you feel the same.

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Worldwide travel

Get our insight on the hottest travel destinations anywhere, and steal a few of our ideas to plan your next vacation.

Exclusive Hotels

We’ll show you the best in accommodations, in the heart of the cities you love.

Travel Guides

Stay tuned, as we’ll be bringing you travel guides to help you explore your favorite cities anywhere in the world! From London to Cuzco, we’ve got you covered.

Cheap Flights

We’ve scoured to find the best flights, at the lowest prices, to bring you to your destination with as little heartache possible.

Travel Gear

Not sure how to pack for that big trip? Lean on our experience, and we’ll show you what to take, what to leave behind and how to make use of that extra space.


Ever felt lost abroad? Learn a few tips on getting around, no matter where you are, while vacationing freely, safely and cheaply.

Arts & Culture

We’re lovers of life, music, art, language and culture. We hope you are too, and will be sharing with you what moves us in hopes that it moves you as well.

Affordable Packages

Whether traveling solo, as a couple, with family or as a group, we’ll show you how to spot the best travel packages to anywhere in the world.




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