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From Patagonia and Che Guevara to mesmerizing vistas and the Tango, Argentina is stunningly interesting both cosmetically, artistically, and historically. Home of the southernmost inhabited city and the launching off point of daring travelers looking to venture to Antarctica, Argentina is arguably one of the most soulful, most beautiful and most iconic countries in the world. Enjoy the stunning contrast of this South American hot-spot with these travel tips:

Capital City: Buenos Aires

Language: Spanish

Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS). ARS is currently 15 for 1 USD. However, Argentina has a secondary “exchange rate” with the USD that is essentially black market trading, yet common throughout the country. You can get far better rates than 15:1 if you negotiate, so carry a little cash and exchange your USD while in Argentina, not before.

Power Adapter: In Argentina the power sockets are of type C and I. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Crime & Safety: Be cautious in Buenos Aires, or other heavily populated tourist centers such as San Telmo and Congresso. In Buenos Aires, you should feel safe in the touristy and hip La Boca area, but don’t venture off the beaten path. Additionally, avoid cabs wherever possible in Buenos Aires as there are a multitude of scams. Take only official taxis sanctioned from the airport stations, watch your meter carefully and have an idea of where you’re going or you’ll end up being taken far off course – and expensively so.

Emergency Number: 101

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