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Top 7 Best Bonaire Beach Resorts

As one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands in the world, and one of the most pristine, Bonaire is the perfect vacation spot for couples and families looking for top-rated resorts! With year-round sun and warm waters, it’s the perfect…
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Que Rico Puerto Rico - Part I

Que Rico, Puerto Rico - Part I was written by Tito Mendez, a Puerto Rican native who lives in South Florida with his wife, Cristina. He is an accomplished writer and Program Manager for one of the largest international distribution companies…
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Underrated Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is too-often associated with simply being a destination of family cruises, where one is taken out into the ocean on a big boat, dumped onto a tourist-friendly block of an island and swooped back up twelve hours for another jaunt…