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Paris. Everyone knows it, everyone wants to go, and many have been. In many ways, Paris is exactly what you think it is. In many ways, it is not. However, there’s much more to France than simply the City of Lights. Lyon boasts some of the world’s best cuisine as the center of the culinary movement that became modern French cooking, and the coastal areas along Nice and Cannes are among some of the most stunning in the world. Yes, go to Paris – but don’t stop there. France has even more to offer:

Capital City: Paris

Language: French

Currency: Euro (EUR). EUR is currently 0.93 for 1 USD.

Power Adapter: In France the power sockets are of type E. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Crime & Safety: Being the largest tourism target in the world makes Paris the target for other things – namely, crime. Even leading up to the 2015 terrorist attacks in the city, Paris has long been a hot-bed of aggressive pick-pocketing and even assault on tourists who don’t stay vigilant about where they are and when they’re there. Paris is best enjoyed outside of the primary tourist areas (Louvre, Tour de Eiffel, etc… ), as it’s also further away from the concentration of criminal activity. Marseille also has it’s share of crime, both violent and non-violent, but not to the scale of Paris. The rest of the country, however, is relatively calm and crime free. Areas such as Lyon and Nice are less at risk of crime, and are actually quite risk-free to anything other than opportunistic crime.

Emergency Number: 112

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