Puerto Rico

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The Territory. The 51st State. Call it what you will, but none of it befits Puerto Rico. This beautiful island in the Caribbean is uniquely its own with a rich past, proud people and some of the best food in the world. Puerto Rico has come on tough economic times, but the fiber that makes it stand out above everything else is the resiliency of its people. Puerto Rico shares much, in our eyes, that Okinawa shares with Japan. Each, a beautiful, idyllic place whose people have been called upon for sacrifice by the mainland during hard times and war, however are yet to receive the reward for their efforts. Yet, today something is happening in Puerto Rico. People are finding out. People who visit are telling other people. The water. The trees. The food. The beauty. You simply have to go.

Capital City: San Juan

Language: Spanish, however much of the island speaks English. English-speakers won’t have a problem getting around.

Currency: The United States Dollar (USD). The USD against the Euro is currently 1 USD to 0.94 EUR – nearly even.

Power Adapter: In Puerto Rico the power sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Crime & Safety: The overall rate of crime is low in Puerto Rico, however, violent crime exists at high rates in select areas. Most victims are gang members and drug traffickers, with about 80% of these crimes being drug related. This normally happens outside of tourism eye-sight, however, and one can generally travel to Puerto Rico in safety. As with travel in most of the world, if you act responsibly you can expect to enjoy yourself and stay safe. In other words, if you go to Puerto Rico for the right reasons, you’ll be completely safe.

Emergency Number: 911

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