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Get up to 20% off hotel stays anywhere in the world by booking with A Couple for the Road. We recommend only engines we use, and approve as affiliate partners. Just click the link below, and book your stay!

We’ve used for a number of hotel stays, both international and domestic. They have an easy-to-use booking engine, and some of the best rates available!

Expedia is one of our go-to aggregators, where we’ve booked full trips from Peru and Mexico to England! In addition, they have an excellent rewards program.

Travelocity is a site we’ve used to book primarily in Europe and North America, and commonly has niche pricing deals in less-traveled areas outside of major cities.

We love, especially when we’re just looking to find a great hotel deal for a short stay. Often a place we go when looking for a stay-cation deal!

Flight Discounts

To find the best flight deals, you have to get creative – or have a great company that does the work for you. The links below will take you to our partner pages, where you’ll find up to 40% off domestic and international flights! is a great resource to find off-time bookings on under-booked flights to virtually anywhere in the world! We’ve used this for numerous trips in the U.S. and Caribbean. is a great resource for domestic travel, especially last-minute deals when you’re just looking to get away.

Skyscanner is a backpacker’s dream, where you can search any cheap, upcoming flights from any city in the world and find inexpensive places to go as your next destination.

Priceline is another great aggregator, where we’ve found we get great deals and less-than advertised cost on flights.

Transportation Deals

Rail Europe is the resource to use when going from city to city in Europe via train. Inexpensive rates and an easy-to-use booking tool make this a must-use resource.

Tired of paying hundreds to park your car at the airport? Use Park N’ Fly to park your car near the airport for just a few dollars per day, and shuttle exactly to your terminal using their quick and easy service.

We’ve had great experiencing using Avis to book rental cars domestically, and they always have a broad array of automobiles to choose from at low rates.

An excellent choice for business travelers, Budget has an excellent rewards program that allows you to build toward free rentals quickly and affordably.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is something most people don’t realize they need, but it can be a life-saver. We use Allianz anytime we travel abroad, and its low-cost options make travel easy and safe.

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