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A Couple for the Road is a popular couples travel blog that inspires readers to travel using entertaining stories, hotel and airline reviews, honest location reviews, helpful tips, and engaging social media coverage. Started in December 2016, it has gained a rapid following of loyal readers who trust our advice & recommendations, motivating them to travel somewhere new on their next vacation.

In four months, A Couple for the Road has expanded its readership and viewership to a monthly audience of more than 75,000 via social media and regular site traffic, and continues to add significant numbers each month.

Currently, we are open to engagements in the form of brand partnerships and advertising, tourism partnerships, public speaking, press and media interviews and guest blogging.

Site Demographics

According to Google Analytics, A Couple for the Road’s audience consists of highly educated women (55%) and men (45%) between the ages of 35 and 54 who browse from mobile devices (50%). The age groups, broken down more specifically, are 25 to 34 (18%), 35 to 44 (23%), 45 to 54 (27%) and 55 to 64 (20%). Over 65 and 18-24 make up the remainder.

Most readers hail from the United States (48%), Brazil (12%), France (8%) and Holland (6%).

Local Presence

A Couple for the Road is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have quickly established themselves as an authority on travel in South Florida and the Caribbean. Recently, this local visibility has resulted in heavy interest from Caribbean nations such as Bonaire, where a post went viral with more than 400 shares within 24 hours. Continued posted in the Caribbean have yielded similar results.

Additionally, according to, A Couple for the Road has risen to become one of the top 20 blogs in the world writing on the Caribbean.

Additionally, A Couple for the Road has a rising presence of engaged followers in South America and Western and Northern Europe.


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