Rome To Florence Day Trip

One of the great things about visiting Rome is its proximity to other desirable locations on your bucket list, such as Florence. In fact, if you have a spare day in Rome, a day trip from Rome to Florence can be easily and conveniently had. We’ll show you how to make it happen! Why You Should Visit Florence Florence, the historical, artistic, and commerce… Read More

+ Hyde Park in London

Ten Parks You Should See In London, England

When one thinks of traveling to London, it’s often easy to center your plans around the brick and mortar of the city – the museums, pubs, stunning Victoria architecture, and centuries-old government buildings. But outside of the stone and brick that make up the city, there’s another element that makes London a must-see. The parks. In fact, London is so blessed with vast and… Read More


Safest Countries In Africa For Tourists

Times change, which means travel does also, and some of the places you may not have wanted to travel to are now some of the safest countries in Africa for tourists. Once a continent under nearly completely despotic rule, and many countries enduring civil strife, Africa wasn’t on the radar for potential travelers. However, that has changed and it isn’t hard to find a… Read More


Omiyage: A Token Of Japanese Gift Giving and Travel Culture

Omiyage is the much loved Japanese tradition of gift giving after your travels, and while it can be said to be a souvenir of sorts (the English translation actually is “souvenir”), in actuality it’s far more. Where a souvenir is meant for the traveler, the Omiyage tradition is specifically for the friends and family back home. This distinctive form of Japanese gift giving is… Read More

+ Medellin, Colombia

48 Hours in Medellín: A Guide to the City of Eternal Spring

Twenty-five years ago Colombia was teetering on the edge of failed statehood and Medellín, the Andean nation’s second-largest city was a narco war zone. This violence created a reputation that has long overshadowed the city’s history, vibrant culture, and absolutely stunning landscape. Only recently are international travelers discovering the gems hidden beneath the violence. These gems are making it hard for visitors to leave… Read More

Neue Wiener Schule: Schoenberg and the Second Viennese School

Vienna, Austria is a city built on pure genius. Around every corner is seemingly a bust, a statue, or perhaps a performance hall with another name written below, and another story to be heard. It is, in many ways, the central home to great classical music, and in fact composed music with an orchestra of any kind. Before traveling anywhere, we prefer to pin down… Read More