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First Time Flying: How To Conquer Fear For The First Time Flyer

Flying for the first time can be terrifying, and coping with fear and first flight can be crippling. The limitations that a fear of flying can place on someone not only limits travel, but it limits opportunity – it limits life. How am I so sure? Because I once had, and overcame, a severe fear of flying that not only controlled my life, but… Read More


124 French Terms Of Endearment

French is a language that, no matter who it’s spoken by, makes the listener swoon, and there are many beautiful terms of endearment in French that we all somehow know. It is, thought by many, to be the ultimate romantic of the “romance languages”. Furthermore what makes French a truly beautiful language to behold is when it’s used for romantic or endearing purposes, which… Read More


Best Honeymoon Destinations In Africa

There are a lot of things that you can say about Africa. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if negative conceptions are the first thoughts that would come to your mind. But don’t let it distract you from the fact that this place is beyond wonderful. Africa does not lack anything. It has jaw-dropping landscapes, mesmerizing sceneries, breathtaking wildlife, and ancient relics that can… Read More


Sygic Travel Trip Planner App Review

The most interesting part of traveling is also the most daunting – planning the actual trip. While there are seemingly endless number of companies and technologies that claim to actually automate the planning process, there’s only one we’ve seen that actually does it – Sygic Travel Trip Planner. The best part? You can do all of this on a mobile device. We’re beyond excited about the… Read More


51 Inspiring Hiking Quotes That Will Make You Long For The Outdoors

Often when preparing ideas and articles for the blog, we encounter a photo or souvenir that immediately hearkens us back to a moment that was truly unique to us. Recently, while looking for photos of nature in various settings, we found photos from our hiking trip in Muir Woods National Monument, just north of San Francisco. This was in the days long before the… Read More


Offseason Travel: How To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

Just as the weather ebbs and flows, so do the travel seasons. No matter where you are on Earth, there are high-seasons and low-seasons to expect visitors to either a greater or lesser extent. Should you travel in low-season? Furthermore, what is low-season? These factors that determine what is a “high” season are varied, and depend as much on the place the visitor is coming from as… Read More