Top 40 Songs About Traveling

No matter if you’re traveling on a road trip, flying somewhere on a plane, or simply taking a bus, listening to great songs about traveling will make your adventure more memorable, and will always take you back to that moment. Music is built on time, and it marks time, which is why songs about travel seem to have a way to captivate us. Certain… Read More


Review: Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales, Philippines

Crystal Beach Resort is a fantastic and scenic resort located about four hours west of Manila, in the Philippines. When you travel to the Philippines, the temptation might be to check out the places you’ve heard of – big cities, such as Manila, and even some of the more touristy island destinations known to Westerners, but Crystal Beach Resort is a place you should… Read More


Why You Should Visit Kinosaki, Japan

The more one travels, and ultimately finds out more about the world, bucket lists change. What travelers desire changes – moving away from large, capital cities, and pulling them deeper into their journeys. We look for deeper experience, with richer culture. We long to find out places other travelers haven’t seen, haven’t described, and if we’re lucky enough, have never heard of. Kinosaki, Japan… Read More

+ Photo of Venice

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Traveling

Most often, travel magazine, blogs, and experienced celebrity writers will tell you about the things you should do when you travel. They’ll tell you how to pack, where to stay, and what to order to have a great experience, and hopefully even endear yourself with the locals. However, we’ve found that what spoils a tourist’s vacation fast than anything isn’t what they didn’t do,… Read More


20 Tips For New Travelers

Perhaps you’re new to travel. You might even have your fight out of the country excursion booked, tickets in hand, and counting down the precious last hours until you finally get to spread your wings (metaphorically), and venture to a place you’ve never been. This article is for you, and to help prevent you from making the same mistakes we did on our first… Read More


Authentic German Sauerbraten

One of the best places abroad to simply eat is Germany. Everything is good. It’s all rich, delicious, and tastes even better with a classic German beer. One of our favorite German recipes is authentic Sauerbraten. The key to a great sauerbraten is in the marinade. You really need at least two, but preferably three days to marinate the beef for the recipe. If you… Read More