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Halong Bay, Vietnam has been recognized by the UNESCO as one of the most beautiful and natural wonders of the world. This place is both internationally as well as domestically popular because of its natural and quaint beauty.

The amazing landscapes, beaches, mountains and many other wonders of nature at Halong Bay are worth your sight and admiration. The ideal weather to visit this beautiful place is during autumn as you get to enjoy a moderate climate here.

Thus, if you are planning to visit Halong Bay in your upcoming vacations, here are the 9 things that you must never miss on doing.

On-Board Sleeping

Once you have arrived at the touring place, the first thing that most of the tourists, like you, do is the hunt of a nice hotel. However, you can still make a difference to enjoy the beautiful experiences of this place even more by the way of spending at least one night boarding a board.


A number of boats are made available to the tourists here which vary in terms of their shapes, sizes, costs, etc. We suggest you to pick the boat with a higher cost as it would be more comforting than others.

Tai Chi

In order to improve your physical as well as mental health, you can indulge yourself in an amazing form of martial arts called Tai Chi here at the Halong Bay.

This art has been performed in China for a long duration of thousand years now. You can seek a lot of benefit by the way of performing this form of martial art in the beautiful and natural surroundings of the Halong Bay.

It will surely serve you a wonderful experience.

Cycling In Halong Bay

In order to properly enjoy the atmosphere around, one of the most widespread activities that the tourists of Halong Bay perform is cycling. Cycle your heart out on the beaches of Halong Bay as it has become one common activity here.

Cycling also proves to be a perfect option for all the tourists who look forward to exploring as well as enjoying the natural beauty at the beautiful and exquisite landscapes of Halong Bay.

Riding On Cat Ba Island

The famous Cat Ba Island is considered to be the biggest island of the Halong Bay. Apart from the beautiful and eye-catching beauty of the island, this island is also a home to a variety of wild animals. Thus, you can indulge yourself in experiencing the natural beauty at the Cat Ba Island by the way of exploring the beautiful waterfalls, hidden lakes, wildlife species or just going under the water in order to discover the marine life at the very best.


Cat Ba Island at the Halong Bay embraces the most beautiful sight of water. The sea water here is clean as well as sparkling which makes it a perfect place for enjoying the natural and the quaint beauty. Thus, what serves better than swimming in such crystal clear water and praising the wonders of nature?

You can swim your heart out in the amazing water of the island. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself in a cool swim of the beautiful sea water here.

Mountain Climbing

If you are an adventure-junkie, Halong Bay should be considered as the best place to be in. One of the most exciting things that you can do here is to indulge yourself in a thrilling experience of mountain climbing.


Although mountain climbing is an underdeveloped sport here, yet a number of adventure freaks don’t shy away from performing the same. The limestone islands located here are 3000 in numbers. You can explore the routes of climbing to have a wonderful experience.

Cave Dining

Halong Bay is also considered to be a home to some of the most ancient, historic as well as mesmerizing caves of the world. The increasing famous activity here is cave dining. Thus, being a tourist you can use the opportunity to relax and have a quiet, beautiful as well as a romantic dinner with your beloved.


Another relaxing thing that you can try out at the Halong Bay is sunbathing. Enjoy a nice sunbath at the relaxing spots that this bay provides and free yourself from all the hassle of life.


Try out the amazing BBQ party with your friends on the beaches of Halong Bay and relish upon the taste of some of the most lip smacking meals.

Halong Bay is certainly a place to be in. Click here for Vietnam tourism and to explore Halong Bay at its best.

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  1. Looks like a good place to do so many activities, never explored these islands, its time to plan by the looks of it.

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