Review of Airfarewatchdog

Airfarewatchdog.com is one of the most creative and innovative budget travel sites we’ve found in a long time, and one we’ve added as a regular resource we use when comparing flights and hotels between websites. When it comes to the science of comparing flights, Airfarewatchdog makes you feel like a scientist who is studying an experiment with every tool, from every angle, with absolute… Read More


Nervous Flyer? Find Turbulence Forecasts Before Your Flight

One thing we always do before a long-haul flight is to check the the turbulence forecast. The question is – should you? And if you want to find information regarding the turbulence forecast for your next flight, where do you go? Flight turbulence is one of the most misunderstood aspects of air travel – one that far too many people fear, and very few… Read More

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First Time Flying: How To Conquer Fear For The First Time Flyer

Flying for the first time can be terrifying, and coping with fear and first flight can be crippling. The limitations that a fear of flying can place on someone not only limits travel, but it limits opportunity – it limits life. How am I so sure? Because I once had, and overcame, a severe fear of flying that not only controlled my life, but… Read More


Ultimate Review Of Travelzoo.com

Travelzoo.com is a global travel and entertainment company, with nearly 30 million members in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and nearly 30 offices worldwide. They partner with more than 2,000 travel-related businesses, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, and spas to provide low-cost travel deals to some of the most in-demand locations in the world. Started in 1998, Travelzoo thrives on perhaps one of… Read More


5 U.S. Airlines We Love (And 2 We Don’t)

We fly a lot. We haven’t always, but whether through business, seeing family or traveling, Tracy and I have spent a lot of time in the air over the past few years. New travelers have a hard time telling the difference between good and poor carriers, as they should, but it doesn’t take long before you can start to separate the wheat from the chaff…. Read More