Borghese Gallery: The Masterpieces Of Bernini And Caravaggio  

Villa Borghese (today’s Borghese Gallery Rome) was created to host a valuable collection of Cardinal Shipyon Borghese (Scipio Borghese), who was passionate about collecting works of art. He was distinguished with a truly subtle taste and unique intuition as a collector. The idea of creating a country villa, as a place of joy and pleasure – Casa di Delizia, arose when its collection became… Read More


What to do in London at Night

London’s a one of a kind type of city. Its attractions, from the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace, are world-famous and draw millions of visitors each year. You’ll no doubt have a jam-packed London itinerary while visiting the capital; but there is no need to stop the activities at night. London’s a fantastic place to explore during the day, but there’s so much… Read More

Top 40 Songs About Traveling

No matter if you’re traveling on a road trip, flying somewhere on a plane, or simply taking a bus, listening to great songs about traveling will make your adventure more memorable, and will always take you back to that moment. Music is built on time, and it marks time, which is why songs about travel seem to have a way to captivate us. Certain… Read More


How To Spend A Long Weekend In London

No list of in-demand travel destinations is complete without London, the iconic capital of both England the United Kingdom. London is in many ways a gateway between the western world and the rest of the world – including Europe, but also the rest of the world. It is for this reason that London is commonly a first site sought out for international travel, especially… Read More


Things To Do In Cusco

If you’re in Cusco, Peru, there’s another destination on your itinerary – Machu Picchu. However, you would be remiss in writing off Cusco as only a stop-over in your overall plans to climb the heights of Machu Picchu. Cusco is a casual, quaint, and charming city, full of wonder, history, and some of the kindest locals you could hope to find on your travels…. Read More

+ Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia

Travelling Sydney: Places To Go, Foods To Eat, Stuff To Buy  

Cate Palmer is a  writer, world traveler and a self-professed “huge geek”. Her fields of expertise could be summed up to lifestyle, travel and art related topics. Her interest ware wide and ever-evolving, and she is the author of “Travelling Sydney: Places to Go, Foods to Eat, Stuff to Buy”. To follow Cate, check out her Twitter page for more information. Sydney is a… Read More