Where to Stay in the Algarve

A guest post by Algarve Fun writer Vicente Lourenço. Having spent most of his life in the Algarve, Vicente knows most of its secrets and loves to share it with newcomers. He likes travelling, outdoor sports and exotic food. Have you always wondered what it would be like going on vacation to the Algarve, but you never quite know where to stay? Well, we can… Read More


Where To Stay In Madrid

Madrid is one of the most magical and culturally rich places one can ever visit; the city burst with beautiful landscaping, awe inspiring classic architecture and plenty of historical places to visit – but where should you stay? Of course, the city is huge and one of the first doubts that comes to mind when planning the trip is the accommodation. Map – Madrid’s… Read More


Where To Stay In Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna? It’s a complicated question, as Vienna is a fairly spread-out European city with much to do. Bisected by the Danube River, Vienna is separated into 23 districts – known as Bezirke. They’re numbered for easy reference, and spiral starting at the center with Bezirke 1, and work to the outermost districts that climb higher in number. Map – Vienna’s best… Read More


Where To Stay In Amsterdam

So, you’re heading to The Netherlands for the first time and wondering where to stay in Amsterdam? Holland’s capital of Amsterdam is separated into 7 districts, called stadsdelen by locals, which are further sub-divided into smaller neighborhoods. Understanding the basic structure, what’s in these larger stadsdelen, and where the best areas are to stay, will help you find the perfect place to stay in Amsterdam!… Read More


Where To Stay In Santorini

Choosing where to stay in Santorini, Greece is one of the easier decisions you might make in travel. Why? It’s simple – there is no bad place to stay in (or rather, on) Santorini. Greece’s most popular island, known for its blue-capped domes and white-washed walls, is one of the most heavily photographed locations in the world, and a bucket-list destination for tourists. It’s one… Read More

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A Traveler’s Guide to Istanbul on a Budget

Cal Bailey runs Mountain Leon – a travel blog he started after two years on backpacking around the world. If you want to learn more about life on the road or tips for travelling, you can read his latest post about choosing the right sleeping bag. Turkey is a beautiful country full of exciting things to do and places to see. The number one… Read More