*This article formerly appreared as “Review of Goeuro.com”. Since that time, GoEuro has rebranded as Omio.com, and content within this article as been updated to reflect that change. 

As frequent travelers, Omio.com is one of our go-to travel tools when we’re on the road and one we thought deserved a review to explain the site, how it functions, and how you can benefit by finding the best air, rail, and coach transport across Europe!

Too often, travelers from North America find themselves a bit skeptical of apps and websites with which they aren’t familiar – apps more commonly used in Europe, but certainly not household names in the United States, for example. Omio.com is one of those sites that sounded interested once we found out about it, but we remained skeptical until we actually used it. After using it several times, and for a number of years, we can say with absolute certainty that it’s a great, great website, and one we plan on keep using.

On our way from Nice, France to Monaco – purchased using GoEuro!

For Europeans with the ability to consistently use the tool, it’s easy and accommodating. I only wish we had something so easy to use in the U.S. as Omio to help us find the cheapest and best routes between bus, train, and flight schedules!


Being somewhat technical, we’re immediately attracted to travel booking websites that have a clean, modern feel, and that operate sensibly and easily with the fewest clicks possible. The home page tells you all you need to know and shows a main toolbar that highlights the three main purposes for the website – flights, trains, and buses.

Simple enough, right?

Comfortable train from Prague to Dresden

When you hover over any of these three options, you’ll see the intelligence of the website start to shine. The dropdown expands to show commonly booked routes (which are different, depending on what you’re hovering over), which saves you the hassle of clicking down into the site if you happen to be traveling on one of those commonly-booked routes – such as the Paris to London route.

The same information is displayed further down the page in more of a listed style, which operated a bit better on desktop as it can be clunky to scroll down and see on mobile. However, the mobile functionality of the website really draws you in to the menu options at the top, so this isn’t much of an issue.

Choosing Your Trip

Picking the route you want to travel manually is easy on Omio.com. Not only are the menu bars helpful, but there’s a pretty self-explanatory block in the middle of the page that gives you an easy choice of where your going to, where from, and the date. This same space gives you the option of choosing whether your trip is one-way, or return trip, and the number of travelers.

Your choices are incredibly vast, as you have the opportunity to choose the cheapest and fastest routes from over 800 official partners on Omio. All details will be displayed within the options such as times, routes, prices, terminals, stations, and airports, as well as any connecting services that might be included between your two planned destinations. It’s just as easy with a longer journey as it is to take a bus from Madrid to Barcelona, or something similarly short.

Prices flash at the top of each tab representing the type of travel listed, and Omio makes sure you can filter by numerous methods – including price, length of travel, and the overall number of changes.

Once you select your option, you can select and move forward to an area that lays out and details pertinent information, including cancellation policies, disclosures, and any other route-specific details.

Additional Features

There are quick tips in the footer of the page that link to other very useful pages for trips in Europe. These include a full-fledged Europe Vacation Planner, a link to holidays for skiing, click through access to Eurostar (one of our favorite booking sites for train-specific travel within Europe, and a great website to compare rates with what you find on Omio.com), as well as several other options including ferries between port cities within Europe!

Additionally, and for comparative purposes, there is a “compare with Booking.com” option beneath the primary booking screen on the first page, which helps you pair your transportation with a hotel in the city of your choosing, should you need one. While simple, it’s another helpful trinket on a site that is already easy to use and essential for travel within Europe!

Mobile App

With everything going mobile, travel has in many ways led the charge and Omio has followed suit. They have a great app available for download that is incredibly simple to use and offers up-to-the-moment pricing on trains, buses, and flights from virtually anywhere in Europe.

This is beyond convenient – it’s a life-saver. We’ve used the mobile app to help us get between cities last-minute, and the deals are always really inexpensive. For example, we recently booked two one-way tickets from Monaco to Nice for only €8 total!

The app is available on Android and iOS (iPhone), and is a must-have travel app!

Final Thoughts

Omio is one of the easiest to use and most-often used tool for us while we’re on the road in Europe. We love traversing across the beautiful countries in the EU zone, as well as the UK, and often react last-minute in deciding where we want to go next. With Omio.com, we always have the flexibility to find cheap and easy-to-find tickets to get from one city to the next via train, bus, or plane, no matter where it is that we’re looking to go!

So, should you use Omio? It depends on how you like to travel, but if finding ways to quickly and affordably get across Europe with up-to-date information is something that appeals to you, we haven’t found a better website or app to use than Omio.

Make sure to check it out – see what routes are available, and book your next trip for as little as a few euros by using Omio.com!


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