Review: Residenza Ave Roma in Rome, Italy

Residenza Ave Roma Hotel

Finding the right hotel in Rome was a challenge. Why? Because Rome is big. There’s much to do. Many piazzas. Many iconic places and statues. Many historical buildings. As is the same with most who visit, we wanted to be in the heart of it all – but, where is that heart?

For us, after much research and deliberation, we believe we found the best of all worlds in Rome – just along the Tiber River at Residenza Ave Roma.


Now, if you’re familiar with our previous articles on hotels where we’ve stayed in Europe, such as the Vecellio in Venice and the Miraparque in Lisbon, you know we aren’t high maintenance. This isn’t a luxury travel blog. This is a blog about experiencing culture around the world without breaking the bank. Our formula that allows us to do this is pretty simple:

  1. Location above comfort.
  2. Location above size.
  3. Try and find a boutique hotel that is owned by a local.

We care more about location than any other factor because, simply put, we don’t spend much time there. We also love finding hotels owned by people who really know the city because those boutique hotel owners are always willing to point you in the right direction. This is how we knew we were in the perfect spot as soon as we got to the Residenza Ave Roma.

So, let’s talk about the location. The Residenza Ave Roma is ideally situated on the River Tiber between the Ponte Umberto I and Ponte Sant’Angelo. The road upon which the hotel stands (Lungotevere) is a main riverside thoroughfare, which makes it perfect for catching cabs or navigating on foot.

Reesidenza Ave Roma map of Rome

The Ponte Sant’Angelo is thus named for its proximity to the Castel Sant’Angelo, the Mausoleum of Hadrian built in the 2nd century AD and one of the primary tourist attractions north of the Tiber in Rome. From here, it’s only a 10 minute walk to St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican, which are sure to be on your list to visit in Rome. Also near the hotel is the Piazza Navona, site of the Fountain of Four Rivers, Museo di Roma, Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, all main attractions that you’ll want to see in Rome.

We found the location ideal, allowing us to see much of what we came to see on foot, and having to cab or take the metro only a handful of times when the day-long walking took its tool and we wanted to save what energy we had left! Additionally, the view from the front of the hotel is wonderful, as by merely crossing the street allows you great photographic opportunities of Lungovetere, the River Tiber, and the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Ponte Umberto Rome Italy

View from the Ponte Umberto I, with St. Peter’s Square in the background.

The rooms were standard in size for Europe, a bit on the small side but complete with all the basic amenities you’re looking for in a clean and cozy environment. While dated, we rather enjoyed the decor of the rooms, which were interesting, artful, and actually quite beautiful. After all, we’re not staying in hotel rooms for chicness or elegance, nor do we pick our locations based on the decor and design, but rather on convenience, value, and comfortability – all of which were great at Residenza Ave Roma.

Residenza Ave Roma hotel

One thing that is different about a boutique hotel like Residenza Ave Roma versus a larger chain hotel is the personal nature of the staff. Vincenzo, the proprietor who works (and presumably lives) onsite, was immediately helpful and kind when we first walked in. This includes giving us an overview of what was walkable and what wasn’t from the hotel, the best way to get to the areas that weren’t, and sharing what some of his favorite things in Rome were. He additionally gave us a 24-hour access number, and explained to us late-night entry into the hotel (which is very secure). These are the kinds of things we remember when we travel – people.

When we speak of helpfulness, Vincenzo also arranged transportation for us (when needed), although there is a cab stand only four minutes’ walking time from the entry to the hotel. The convenience of taxis, buses, and even Hop On Hop Off site-seeing buses (which we use often), made the location even better. In terms of breakfast, it was simple European fare. deli meats, pastries, coffee, and juices were the norm most mornings, but all satisfied us and got our days off to great starts. In fact, we even took an apple or two for the road to hold us over as we walked all there was to walk around Rome!

Lastly, you can’t beat the pricing and overall value of Residenza Ave Roma. While we booked through our usual travel partner Tripmasters, standard room rates at the Ave Roma run consistently for under €100 nightly.

If you’re headed to Rome and looking for a great, local establishment at a great value, you should definitely give the Ave Roma a try!

Our verdict: We strongly recommend.


Visit the Residenza Ave Roma website

Address: Lungotevere Di Tor Di Nona 3, 00186 Rome, RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 6839 2001

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