Review: Valladolid’s Hotel Maria De La Luz in Yucatan, Mexico

Traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula, we were moved by the beauty of the people, food, culture and history of the region. From Chichen Itza to Ek Balam and Tulum, we experienced the vast array of what the Mayan civilization built over a whirlwind tour that all centered from Valladolid – a central Yucatan city with which we fell utterly in love. This was all made possible by the best hotel in Valladolid, the Hotel Maria de La Luz.

The glimmer of the Hotel Maria de La Luz from the Rally Maya.

Located in central Valladolid directly in front of the city square, the Plaza e Parque Francisco Canton, Hotel Maria de La Luz is commonly rated as the best hotel in Valladolid. The location, perfectly centered near quaint cafes, beautiful markets, cathedrals and ancient cenotes, offered an ideal spot from which we centered our experience.

The room was comfortable and clean, and always included a creative touch from the staff!

Hotel Maria de La Luz features 70 rooms, all equipped with the basic necessities to escape the intense Mexican heat, including air conditioning, comfortable beds, televisions, roomy showers and on-premise parking as well as a delicious and affordable ($99 MXD, or about $5 USD) breakfast.

Selfie time (with a sunburn) at Hotel Maria de La Luz!

We arrived in the late afternoon after a two-hour drive from Merida, located in the western Yucatan, during which the city center was hosting the Rally Maya Mexico, a highly-attended roadshow for antique automobiles which travels across the Yucatan. The city center cut off from traffic, we were able to find convenient street parking merely two streets away from Hotel Maria de La Luz, and the friendly hotel staff assisted us in making arrangements to get our car onsite after the closing of the rally. This was indicative of our entire stay, as we were welcomed by a warm and helpful staff which went out of their way to make sure our stay was enjoyable and memorable. If you’re wondering where to stay in Valladolid, Mexico, you have to take helpfulness into consideration unless you speak fluent Spanish or already know the area. We found the staff’s help instrumental in providing the backdrop for a great trip.

View of the Rally Maya from the entry of the Hotel Maria de La Luz.

One thing you’ll find is that locating parking will require assistance from the front desk, as the actual location to the main garage is just around the corner from the hotel entry. The hotel is always ready to help, and while there is no parking in front of the building, you can temporarily park there with your flashers on while gaining assistance from the staff inside. You can easily enter and exit this lot, however, which has staff onsite that looks after cars and ensures their safety. The parking is free, and you can prove your stay at the hotel simply by showing them your room key.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the restaurant onsite, which featured everything from traditional mexican fare to Yucatan twists on old standards such as the club sandwich, with pickled onions and fried egg. What the restaurant truly excelled in, however, were wildly creative menu items featuring local ingredients that were as fresh and delicious as you could want. It was, in fact, one of the best restaurants at which we dined, despite a trip full of unbelievable meals.

Enjoying a strong coffee, great margaritas and a delicious meal in the amazing Yucatan weather.

The breakfast featured locally made chorizo, as well as made-to-order egg dishes including scrambled eggs with fresh pico de gallo and omelettes with an array of Yucatan ingredients. Fresh juices are squeezed onsite, and the buffet-style dining included myriad freshly made salsas, fried plantains, fruits, cereals and breakfast tamales wrapped and cooked in banana leaves. For Tracy and I, filling up before a day full of visiting pyramids was made easy and affordable!

We were spoiled by daily breakfasts like these – at only $5 USD!

Hotel Maria de La Luz is easily the best hotel in downtown Valladolid, including a relaxing pool area with pool-side service where we could unwind after a long day of hiking, swimming, diving, and climbing. The pool area is uncovered, however sits in the main hotel plaza area which contains a half-retracted roof that covers only the restaurant area. The setting ideal, we spent much time in the late afternoons with a cerveza in hand as the day came to a close.

The open-air pool sitting adjacent to the restaurant’s quaint dining area.

Wanting to cool-off in our room was made difficult in the best way possible, as we were constantly coaxed out by the sounds of music coming from the central square. It was a perfect setting, as we could stroll out late at night, camera in hand, enjoy the festivities of a vibrant and lively city, then easily return to the room for a comfortable sleep.


One such night made for one of the most memorable moments of our trip, in fact. While settling in the room late on the final night of our trip, discussing the events of the previous days and what we had experienced, we became aware of a steadily growing stream of music pouring into our room. Peeking outside to see where this was coming from, it became apparent that it was coming from the city center, and we decided to have a look.

474th celebration of the founding of Valladolid, a festive and friendly event only a few feet in front of the hotel!

Coincidentally, our final night was on the celebration of the 474th anniversary of the founding of Valladolid, and hundreds of locals filled the square. A band of skillful musicians played traditional music from the Yucatan region as patrons danced in the streets until the wee hours of the morning, whom we couldn’t help but join. It was a heartfelt occasion, and one we felt privileged to have had the opportunity to witness.

Traveling to the Yucatan can be a rugged adventure, as one considers the brutal heat, the innumerable outdoor excursions and constant yearn to be somewhere, experiencing something. You need a place that will take the exhaustion of exploration away at the end of the day, and the Hotel Maria de La Luz is simply perfect for doing so. We found it to be beautiful, comfortable, incredibly affordable and somewhere that anyone looking for a hotel in Valladolid should consider.

Our verdict: We recommend.



Address: Calle 42 193, Centro, 97780 Valladolid, Yuc., Mexico

Phone : (+52) 985 856-11-81

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  1. The most incredible thing that got me amazed the most about this hotel while I was there was the amazing creativity of their staff. What I met in my room the first night I was there kept me laughing all night. It’s just a hotel to visit for anyone in Yucatan Peninsula.

    • Thanks Britney! Glad you enjoyed the post and found it relatable!

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