How To Spend An Awesome Weekend In Vienna

Largest and the capital city of Austria, Vienna is nothing but spectacular. Known as the city of music or city of dreams, Vienna is not only home to legendary musicians like Mozart or Beethoven, but to a shining elegance, world-class architecture, and rich culture. If Vienna is on your holiday scope and you have a weekend to spare, no worries! Once you’ve found out… Read More


Where To Stay In Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna? It’s a complicated question, as Vienna is a fairly spread-out European city with much to do. Bisected by the Danube River, Vienna is separated into 23 districts – known as Bezirke. They’re numbered for easy reference, and spiral starting at the center with Bezirke 1, and work to the outermost districts that climb higher in number. Map – Vienna’s best… Read More

+ Beware of Pickpockets

How To Travel Without Fear

On the afternoon of November 13th, 2015, we were days from taking off for two weeks across three European countries – Austria, Spain and Portugal. First the murmurs came across the news ticker at work, that an attack had not only occurred in Paris, but was in fact still underway. As the hours passed and the gravity of the situation worsened, Tracy and I… Read More


Review: Vienna’s Austria Trend Messe

Repeat after me – I do not have to stay in a hostel to save money. I do not have to stay in an expensive hotel to have a good time. When I choose a hotel, I will chose one with a great hotel bar. There, doesn’t that feel better? If you’re looking to make good on your promise above, and you’re planning any time… Read More