Traditional Greek Dolmades

Greek Dolmades (or “Grape Leaves” as they’re very often called) are one of our favorite Greek foods to eat. When served with a side of tzatsiki and a little squeeze of lemon, it’s one of the simplest dishes that shows true brilliance. What is a Dolmade, or Dolma? When you say “dolma” in Greek cooking, what you’re really talking about is a broader term… Read More


Where To Stay In Santorini

Choosing where to stay in Santorini, Greece is one of the easier decisions you might make in travel. Why? It’s simple – thereĀ is no bad place to stay in (or rather, on) Santorini. Greece’s most popular island, known for its blue-capped domes and white-washed walls, is one of the most heavily photographed locations in the world, and a bucket-list destination for tourists. It’s one… Read More


Things To Do In Santorini

Santorini, arguably the most popular island in the famed “Greek Isles”, is iconic. Featured on seemingly every travel commercial, photographed in nearly every magazine, and dreamed about by every traveler who hasn’t been there, it’s high on the list of places considered a “most beautiful destination in the world.” In such a place, concern about the “things to do” in such a place is… Read More


Gate 1 Travel Review

Before using Gate 1 Travel, it was hard to find online reviews that gave a true indication of the experience of using Gate 1 and its services. Hoping to help you all out, we decided to create a Gate 1 Travel review of our own! Gate 1 Travel is an internet-based travel booking company that has, since 1981, grown into one of the largest… Read More

+ Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Tripmasters Review: Italy and Greece

Tripmasters.com is a website we’ve used for a number of years to book trips to not only Europe, but also South America and Asia. A cost-saving engine that provides great deals, you may have even read our thorough review on Tripmasters earlier in the year. However, a recent trip to Italy and Greece with Tripmasters gave us an opportunity to evaluate this cost-savings booking… Read More


Travel and Romance: 9 Best Helicopter Destinations for Romantic Couples

“Travel and Romance: 9 Best Helicopter Destinations for Romantic Couples” is written by Maria Estrada, a blogger and traveler. She loves to write about the places she has been to and share some experiences about her travel. In her free time, she reads books and watches romantic movies. For many couples, travel is an inseparable part of romance, especially if you choose a travel destination… Read More