Borghese Gallery: The Masterpieces Of Bernini And Caravaggio  

Villa Borghese (today’s Borghese Gallery Rome) was created to host a valuable collection of Cardinal Shipyon Borghese (Scipio Borghese), who was passionate about collecting works of art. He was distinguished with a truly subtle taste and unique intuition as a collector. Once you’ve planned your trip to Rome and found where to stay, his famous gallery is one of the first locations that should… Read More


Romantic Things To Do In Rome At Night

Rome is a city that is just as stunning at night as it is during the day, and as natural lights fade, street lights give birth to a city that is somehow different at night. In fact, it somehow feels like there’s as much to do in Rome at night as there is during the day – much of the reason for which is… Read More


Top 15 European Day Trips

Europe is a continent that has everything. From the sun-soaked beaches of Greece to the snow-capped wonder of the Swiss Alps or the emerald expanse of Tuscan fields, Europe offers something, somewhere, to everyone. Check out a great Europe Day Trip, no matter where you’re staying, and make the most of wherever you’re visiting! When one travels to Europe, it can be difficult to… Read More


What Kind Of Travel Do You Love?

One of the things that invariably comes “with the turf” as travel bloggers is the responsibility to be honest, no matter the subject matter. If we tell a story, we expect you probably want to hear the whole story. The good, the bad, or the ugly – we’ve stayed true to that. As a result, we’ve shared some unpopular opinions about places people love, but… Read More


What Is The Best Time To Visit Europe?

Deciding the best time to visit Europe depends on many factors, all of which really decide on what type of trip you’re looking for and where you want to visit, specifically, in Europe. Yet, there’s also a third factor to consider when determining what time of year is best to visit Europe – price. All these factors weigh heavily, and vary from person to person…. Read More

+ Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Tripmasters Review: Italy and Greece

Tripmasters.com is a website we’ve used for a number of years to book trips to not only Europe, but also South America and Asia. A cost-saving engine that provides great deals, you may have even read our thorough review on Tripmasters earlier in the year. However, a recent trip to Italy and Greece with Tripmasters gave us an opportunity to evaluate this cost-savings booking… Read More