Nothing beats the satisfaction of spending time out in nature. The cool lakes and waterways as well as the majestic forests and natural vegetation make for a truly enchanting experience that will leave you refreshed and full of life.

Life in the city can get too hectic and if you don’t find the time to take a break from it all you might lose your senses. A trip to a campsite provides you with the perfect opportunity to escape all the noise and pollution in the city and enjoy nature at its very best.

When choosing a site for camping, you need to settle on a location that is full of amazing features so as make your stay enjoyable. To help you in this regard, we have tried out different locations to find the best camping locations in the US. The locations listed below are full of amazing features that will amaze and inspire the nature-fanatic in you.

Here are some of the best camping locations in the US. Pack up your essentials and head out to these destinations and have the time of your life.

Acadia National Park, Maine

The Acadia National Park in Maine is one of the best destinations for camping lovers. With majestic forests, expansive lakes, large ponds, and rivers, this park has everything that you need to make your stay outdoors enjoyable. This camper’s paradise is located on the expansive Mount Desert Islands and it comes with all the amazing features named above.

It also boasts of the Cadillac Mountain which is the highest point on the East Coast. A hike on this mountain will provide you with the perfect outdoor experience and this will go a long way to make your camping memorable as you will be able to witness the sun rising earlier than everyone else.

The park contains 3 campgrounds that you can choose to set up camp. They include the Blackwoods Camp which is closer to Bar Harbor, the region’s town center. There is the Seawall campground which is a little bit more rustic and less touristy than the other campgrounds.

Then there is the Schoodic Woods campground which is surrounded by water masses on either side. You can hike in any part of the park but if you want to set up camp, you can only do it any of these 3 campgrounds.

The campgrounds are open at different times of the year and as such, you should check with the management to see if they are accepting campers at before you make the trip.

Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

This is another amazing camping location in the US. Located in the Northeastern part of the country closer to the Canadian border, the Green Mountain National Forest is a great location for camping thanks to its magnificent landscape and large open grounds.

It has the oldest trail in the US measuring more than 270 miles that present you with a good challenge when you are out there enjoying nature. The park has 5 camping grounds that you can choose for your camping adventures. These campsites, however, do not come with the option of a dump station or electric hookups, so come prepared to camp without these facilities.

The camping grounds are open throughout the whole year but their accessibility varies with the season. Some sites require a prior reservation so you would be wise to make a call early in advance to book yourself a spot.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Located about 75 miles from Washington D.C is another impressive camper’s paradise. The Shenandoah National Park, Virginia is an amazing destination that features in excess of 500 miles of trails, beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints and vast open spaces.

Of the more than 500 miles of trail that this park provides, there is an 8-mile hike across the Old Rag Mountain that is the toughest in the region. This hike is also the most popular among campers as it provides them with the most beautiful of views of the park and its amazing features.

The park is open specifically during summer, spring, and fall and you will have to make your reservations if you are to get a spot to set up a tent. So what are you waiting for, get your phone and book a spot today for an amazing stay outdoors.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve, New York

If you are within New York and you are looking for a nice camping location, then none gets better than the Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Located 90 miles to the north of New York, the Minnewaska State Park Preserve is the perfect camping location for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The reserve is found 2,000 above sea level and it contains all the features that you require for the ultimate outdoor experience. The terrain is rocky and rugged and this makes this park great for hiking.

It also has plenty of carriage roads that you can use for riding a bike and for your evening walks. There are also amazing rock formations, waterfalls, and clear lakes that are a sight to behold. The dense forests and beautifully sculptured cliffs also add to the picturesque nature of the park and its appeal as a camping destination.

The park is open from May to November as long as the weather is favorable and you will have to make a reservation if you want to use the park for camping. This is because the park is in high demand among campers and if you head there without a reservation, you may be disappointed and miss a spot.


For you to enjoy your stay outdoor, you need to find a good campsite and this article will help you find the best camping locations in the US. Read it comprehensively to understand the features of these locations and why they are ideal for camping.

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