Rome is a city that is just as stunning at night as it is during the day, and as natural lights fade, street lights give birth to a city that is somehow different at night. In fact, it somehow feels like there’s as much to do in Rome at night as there is during the day – much of the reason for which is the fact that Rome is just so incredibly deep in culture, and that so many attractions that don’t require entry look so stunning at night. It’s all of this that plays part in what makes Rome so enjoyable for couples, and so romantic.

When the sun goes down, Rome feels somehow older at night – like the ghosts of her past come back to life and walk the famed streets. It’s what makes this city feel so different, and why you should take as much opportunity to see Rome’s splendor at night as you can possibly take!

Here are just a few ways you can enjoy beautiful Rome, and see the city in a completely different way.

Vatican Night Tour

The Vatican is something that is on everyone’s Rome list of things to do, but very few people consider doing it at night. In actuality, there are a lot of advantages to visiting Rome’s most iconic location, and booking a Vatican Night Tour really is a much more private and quaint experience than fighting through the daytime throngs of tourists. To us, history is incredibly romantic, and Rome is full of it!

These tours are so great, because you can very often see the Sistene Chapel and Vatican Museums, just as we did while in Rome, while given the courtesy of a Private guide and tour. Viator has these very types of tickets on sale, and it’s something we highly recommend while in Rome!

Check out the private Vatican Museum and Sistene Chapel Night Tour through Viator here!

Stroll the Roman Forum

One of the most deeply engaging experiences we had was simply walking and taking pictures in the Roman Forum at night. It’s as though the entire history of the Roman Empire starts to shimmer under the evening lights.

While much of the crowd starts to dwindle away, seeing these fantastic ruins sitting virtually lonely, as they’ve done night over night for thousands of years, is very romantic, and a great activity for couples!

Take a Centro Storico Night Tour

Want to see more than just the Vatican and Sistene Chapel on your night tour in Rome?

Take an air-conditioned coach on a 2-hour night tour of Rome, including Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Capitoline Hill, Villa Borghese, and more! This is a great trip that is relaxed, private, and one you’ll love if you really want to see the magic of nighttime Rome in absolute comfort.

You can read more about the trip on Viator, but it was one of the more enjoyable excursions we’ve done during our time in Rome – as the worry of how to get around, itineraries, and entrance fees are taken care for you once you purchase your ticket.

Have a Drink at St. Peter’s Square

Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t quite so much, as there are a handful of great little restaurants leading out from St. Peter’s, heading back toward the Tiber River. These aren’t bars – not at all. Rather, the type of place where you might purchase a perfectly innocent gelato, and decide a beer isn’t such a bad idea to go along with it!

We mention this because that’s exactly what we did on our first night in Rome, and there’s something magical about posting up in front of the square, which is brilliantly illuminated by lights, and having a casual conversation over a drink – or perhaps not even speaking at all. It’s incredibly romantic, and a great experience for couples who want to have some relaxing time between the bustle of museum entries and walking (which you’ll do a lot of in Rome).

At nighttime near St. Peter’s, the crowds tend to empty out – save for shutterbugs who are trying to get the perfect night time shot. It truly is an idyllic and wonderful place to just relax, grab a light evening meal and a drink, and let an hour or two soak away. It’s the ideal location for a great drink, great meal, and certainly to see the Roman night pass by in a relaxing way.

Night Vespa Tour!

Want to do something a little more risky? Consider yourself a bit of a daredevil? Why not rent a Vespa and cruise around Rome at night?

Vespa’s are everywhere in Rome, and there are great deals getting them to rent if you’re in Rome on vacation. You get everything you need on this trip, including helmets, Vespa locks, and even portable WiFi to help you navigate the city streets at night!

This is another great activity for couples, and you really can’t think of much more a feeling of freedom than riding around Rome on a Vespa, with the wind gently whipping against you, with the person you love.

There simply isn’t a better thing to do in the most charming city in the world, is there?

Take in a Show with the Roman Opera

We’re sure you’ve heard, but Rome is kind of a big deal when it comes to classic culture! You can listen to such masterworks by Vivaldi in inventive locations such as the Forum ruins, and in one of Rome’s many ancient cathedrals.

It’s not your usual Opera, as the performances typically more closely resemble chamber music, which makes it even more amazing, quaint, and romantic. It’s another great date night idea for couples in Rome, and you can pick up tickets on Viator!

Nighttime Segway Tour

Rome is incredibly cool on a Segway! The rentals are cheap, and you can zip around the city in a small group to check out all the sites, and drop off at depots virtually anywhere in the city!

You’ll typically purchase these tickets in small groups, with a handful of other people, and be provided all the safety equipment. It’s spontaneous, and incredibly fun to do. Additionally, it’s a great, safe way to meet other travelers if you happen to be traveling to Rome on a solo trip!

Nighttime Limo Tour

Not really looking for the outdoor danger of a Vespa or Segway? Perhaps a few hours riding around Rome in a limousine is more your style!

It’s essentially a chauffeur that is constantly at your command, taking you to see the sites of Rome wherever you choose. For fifty bucks, it’s a pretty good deal for a few hours in a limo, too!

Getting a limo is a great idea for couples, especially if you’re looking to surprise your companion with something a little extravagant!

As you can see, Rome is possibly best seen by night. The true beauty of the city comes alive, somehow personalized just for you, and there are a million ways to enjoy Rome at night. Take our advice, and make sure to take advantage of all the great things this charming and brilliant city offers once the sun goes down!

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  1. Rome is one of the most admired cities to be visited following the religious history behind it. We cant wait for the Pope Francis to visit Uganda too this July so we can get blessings to visit Rome and we tour those places too!