Where to Stay in the Malaga Province

You may have heard about Malaga as the Costa Del Sol’s buzzing city with more culture, gastronomy delights and history than many other cities combined. Yet Malaga as a province, has such a diverse range of towns and villages to be enjoyed all within its boundaries.

Mediterranean beach resorts like Marbella and Torremolinos still attract the droves and rightly so, as they have much to offer families in the way of fun attractions. There are however, many picturesque towns that have more of an old fashioned charisma that charm visitors in a very effortless and captivating way.

Firstly, let’s discuss why Malaga city is so appealing with its fusion of modern and historic areas.

If you are looking for accommodation in Malaga, there’s an abundance of reasonably priced hotels in to suit all budgets. From 5 star lush hotels to modest hostels, you will easily find your needs fulfilled. Staying in some parts of Malaga can be substantially lower priced than say those in Madrid or Barcelona and most hotels in the centre of Malaga have excellent reviews. One of the most appealing areas to stay in Malaga, is the city centre itself. This will be ideal for a spot of nightlife but practical for a cultural trip.

In you are in Malaga for business reasons, then the transport hub is excellent. It’s just a short train ride to and from Malaga airport. Then there is of course Malaga’s High Speed Train Station that gets to Madrid in 2.5 hours and Barcelona in 5.5 hours.

Accommodations to suit those on business trip are right on the doorstep of this station. One superb four star business hotel located right at the station is the Hotel Barceló Malaga. Of course it’s not all work and no ‘play’ so it offers a sauna room to relax and a well equipped gym to keep trim. One bizzare feature has to be its slide that goes all the way down to the bar! Who wouldn’t want a business meeting at this cool hotel?

Malaga City Centre

Calle Larios or Larios Street is probably one of the most attractive promenades in Spain, with a ‘buzz vibe’ to match.This luxuriant street built in the nineteenth century, is one of the ‘Park lanes’ of Spain, where businesses desire to open up their stores.

It was fully pedestrianised seventeen years ago as part of the restoration of Malaga’s historic centre. Its regal looking buildings resemble 19th century Chicago architecture and are a photogenic backdrop to the centre’s modern shops.

Just a street a way in calle Molino Larios is the renowned Molina Lario hotel. This refined hotel offers stunning views of Malaga from its rooftop bar and pool.

Mijas Pueblo

Mijas is an olde-worlde town where locals still enjoy meeting to converse in their local squares. Mijas was home to various civilizations over the years and each have left their ‘hallmark’ in the diverse architectural styles.

While using donkeys to transport people around town may seem to slant towards the touristy feel, it’s how the locals originally got around here, it was the family’s way to travel & transport goods for hundreds of years up until recently. Although Mijas remains very Spanish, it excels in displaying hospitality & receiving foreign guests.

The Hotel Trh Mijas is an underrated smaller hotel that dream holidays are made of. The seemingly dated architecture adds to its old fashioned yet pleasantly mesmerizing character. You’ll enjoy sunbathing beneath swaying palm trees overlooking the most inviting pool, and sipping cocktails under the shade of the rustic straw roofed sombrero’s.

The hotel has some great offers making holiday’s here very affordable for families.


The Costa del Sol, aptly named “the coast of the sun” in Spanish, is a haven for those wanting to enjoy a warmer winter stay. Nerja has to be the Costa’s most prized possession and yet still considered to be a ‘hidden gem’ as it’s not as busy as its nearby counterparts. Nerja’s picturesque seaside town has mountains as its backdrop, creating a strikingly beautiful setting and making it an alluring town to stay in.

Just 55 minutes taxi from Malaga airport and you’ll get to taste the delights of an authentic Spanish town yet with modern conveniences.

Nerja offers beautiful sandy beaches with the clear waters of the Mediterranean that appeals to all ages. Amazingly, even in this pretty town, there are still some hotels that offer half board dining options at bargain prices, at least in the winter months.

The Nerja Club being one of these, is a modest hotel with great entertainment and a wonderfully arranged buffet dinner. Non guests can even come and sample the large buffet for just 12€.

The Rui Monica in Nerja offers a little bit of luxury and it strategically placed in the centre of town. The Pool area is situated in a fantastic location, right on the seafront overlooking the beach front. You can hear the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore as you are basking in the sun’s warm rays.

Finally the Marinas de Nerja is an upscale apartment hotel and practically has its own beach at its disposal. It has two beautiful pools and the most incredible grand buffet style restaurant that will satisfy the most particular of connoisseurs.

With such wide choice of amazing places to stay in Malaga province, you’ll be forgiven to want to return again and again.

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