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5 Free Things To Do In Munich

Munich is a rare city that one could say is, in fact, uniquely its own. The history, each the good, bad, and notoriously dreadful, are all uniquely her. The site of the nationalistic uprising that resulted in Hitler's Nazi Germany, Munich has…

Review: Cliffs of Moher Day-Trip

Ireland is a beautiful and aptly green landscape of peaceful fields as well as bustling downtowns and classic structures everywhere you look. On our last trip into Dublin, we took a day trip across the country to see the famous Cliffs of Moher…
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5 Fun Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a fun and festive beach-side city with endless things to do, from the Atlantic coast to the Downtown vibe, it takes Miami’s tempo, chills it out a bit, and draws you in. Check out 5 things to do in this sunny city! The…

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Beautiful Bonaire: The Best Kept Caribbean Secret

Bonaire is truly an undiscovered diamond in, well, a seascape of so many beautiful diamonds. However, Bonaire is unique in that it remains a sort of untouched paradise in an oversaturated world. The least traveled of the ABC islands,…
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The Unexpected Amsterdam

Amsterdam is ubiquitous. Everyone knows about the beautiful canals, the museums and, of course, the relaxed laws regarding what some would consider unscrupulous behavior. It's a longed-for destination, a symbol of the devil-may-care within us…
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How to Backpack: Carry-On No Matter Where You Travel

Backpacking often comes with the misconception that it’s a necessary evil when going from hostel to hostel, when traveling "off-road" or on a short trip, but you can easily maneuver on lengthy vacations with the equivalent of a carry-on! Overseas…

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