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Staying Present While You Travel

I suppose it was different in decades past. No mobile phones, cameras were big and bulky, travel blogging was a generation from existing and so was the internet. One traveled, took it in, and in most cases the only documentation you came home…
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Downtown Jacksonville – Where Art and Eateries Meet

Jacksonville’s downtown is one of our favorite familiar scenes, with good reason. Before moving to South Florida, we spent a few years living in Jacksonville and found it to be one of the most underrated cities in the U.S. From the bars along…
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Review: Venice's Hotel Vecellio

On our recent trip to Venice, Tracy and I followed a constant we follow that has always served us well - local, boutique hotels. To us, there's something about avoiding the commercialism of global chain hotels, something that adds to the…

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Where Do Couples Eat in Fort Lauderdale?

We're fortunate enough to live in a place that, even when we're not on the road, feels a lot like vacationing. Tracy and I moved to Fort Lauderdale a few years ago, and have since been amazed at the sheer depth of things there are to do in…
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How to Backpack: Carry-On No Matter Where You Travel

Backpacking often comes with the misconception that it’s a necessary evil when going from hostel to hostel, when traveling "off-road" or on a short trip, but you can easily maneuver on lengthy vacations with the equivalent of a carry-on! Overseas…
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Music City Reborn: Nashville is Singing Once Again

A strange article for me to write is "how cool" Nashville is. Don't get me wrong, it's a great city. In fact now, it's possibly the hottest, growing city in the American South. It's hip. It's cool. People are moving there by the thousands from…

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