How to Spend 5 Days in Sydney

Sydney is definitely one of the most beautiful touristic hot spots in the worlds, which everyone should visit at least once. Still, the greatest problem with planning a trip to Sydney, especially one that takes less than 7 or 10 days is that you will miss out on so many amazing experiences. That is, unless you manage to plan your itinerary so that you… Read More


Russian Piroshki

Piroshki (originally pronounced when anglicized as Pirozhki) is a traditionally Russia dish that was originally made with game meats such as duck, goose, and rabbit as the primary protein in the filling. Given the lack of those type of meats in common use, this recipe (and most that are commonly used) is made with a mix of beef and cabbage. They can be mixed… Read More

+ Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland

Best Halloween Destinations In Europe

Halloween draws out the deepest of intrigue, as it seemingly opens us to the mysterious, the macabre, and makes the impossible seem possible – if even for just a night. What’s more is that Halloween is also a great holiday to travel, especially if you’re looking for a night of frightful adventure in a historic European city and hoping to reconnect with the foundation… Read More


Free And Cheap Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its art and architecture, but maybe not for cheap things to do. The famous works of Antoni Gaudi are included in these architectural wonders, but there’s more to the city than this! Barcelona is a lively place, full of culture, attractions, history, and activities. It’s an enchanting seaside city that offers everything you could want in a travel destination, and… Read More


Classic Paella

  Print Recipe Paella Course: Main CourseCuisine: Spanish Servings: 6 people IngredientsFor the Sofrito:6 dried ├▒ora peppers or 4 ancho chilies 1 1/2 ounces total; 50g, optional; see note1/2 cup (120mextra-virgin olive oil5 medium cloves garlic minced4 medium yellow onions 1.5 pounds/600g, finely dicedOne large (8-ounce/225green pepper stemmed, seeded, and finely dicedOne large (8-ounce/225red pepper stemmed, seeded, and finely dicedOne medium (10-ounce/285leek white and… Read More


Baked Camembert with Red Currant Sauce

Camembert is a ripened cow’s milk cheese that has a similar texture to Brie (another cheese that can be used in this dish. We love the way the rich flavor and texture of the Camembert is balanced with the slightly sweet yet tart acidity of red currant or extra black currant preserves. German preserves are of exceptional quality and have a fresh, fruity flavor…. Read More