Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala is a magical food. It’s the national dish of Britain, yet Indian, while also an extremely popular dish throughout the rest of Europe where the Dutch East India Company once plied their trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. Paradoxically, however, Chicken Tikka Masala wasn’t even created at this time, and really isn’t a traditional Indian dish, despite it’s popularity. Rather, it… Read More


7 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day

Today is the big day. If you’re Irish, claim Irish descendancy or are just looking for a good reason to get drunk, you know what March 17th is. You count down to it. You plan for it. You celebrate it, plan off work for it. And guess what? It’s here. St. Patrick’s Day. What is St. Patrick’s Day, and who is St. Patrick? Saint Patrick’s… Read More


7 Delicious & Simple Beer-Based International Recipes

For all of our fellow beer lovers out there traversing the world, here are a few recipes that are simple, delicious, and just a bit boozy! We also love to cook, so what better way to incorporate our favorite things than trying out a few international recipes and cooking with beer! Try a few of these at your next dinner party, and pair them… Read More


Europe’s Most Fascinating Cycling Routes

“Europe’s Most Fascinating Cycling Routes” was written by Chloe Smith, a business consultant with Media Gurus, who has a passion for cycling, writing, and Europe.  Everyone who is into cycling knows that riding your bike is far more than just an exercise. It can be a way of discovering the world. When you’re on your bike you’re constantly in contact with your surroundings, sun… Read More

+ Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland

Best Halloween Destinations In Europe

Halloween draws out the deepest of intrigue, as it seemingly opens us to the mysterious, the macabre, and makes the impossible seem possible – if even for just a night. What’s more is that Halloween is also a great holiday to travel, especially if you’re looking for a night of frightful adventure in a historic European city and hoping to reconnect with the foundation… Read More


Review: The Harding Hotel in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a vibrant, walkable city, and the best area in which we’ve found to stay surrounds the Temple Bar area in the city center. The Harding Hotel is the perfect Irish hotel – right in the heart of the city and convenient to tourist attractions and local haunts alike. Take advantage of their welcoming and warm accommodations and get to know the heart… Read More