Fun Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, which is surrounded by a lot of mountains and temples, is the Northern capital of Thailand. It is said to be the best place for visitors to explore Thai culture and do exciting activities. Here is the list of fun things in Chiang Mai, Thailand that every tourist should experience at least once in a lifetime. General Information Currency: Thai Baht (around… Read More

+ Great Wall of China

Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Beijing

Beijing, China’s capital, is one of the top global tourist destinations on the globe, and it’s for a good reason. This city boasts of a rich history going back more than a millennium with landmarks like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Apart from the rich history, this Chinese capital is also a model for future cities with hundreds of skyscrapers. Here are… Read More


Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Day Trip And Tour

One of the most interesting aspects of travel is the study and introspection of cultures, not only of today, but those of previous periods. The underlying periods, colonial and ancient in various parts of the world, not only set the stage for what regions and peoples are, but what they have been. One such place is the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Las Casas… Read More


Review: Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales, Philippines

Crystal Beach Resort is a fantastic and scenic resort located about four hours west of Manila, in the Philippines. When you travel to the Philippines, the temptation might be to check out the places you’ve heard of – big cities, such as Manila, and even some of the more touristy island destinations known to Westerners, but Crystal Beach Resort is a place you should… Read More


Best Things To Do In Halong Bay, Vietnam

“Best Things To Do In Halong Bay, Vietnam” was written by Tran Huy, who writes for Vietnam Amazing Tours.  Halong Bay, Vietnam has been recognized by the UNESCO as one of the most beautiful and natural wonders of the world. This place is both internationally as well as domestically popular because of its natural and quaint beauty. The amazing landscapes, beaches, mountains and many other… Read More


Gate 1 Travel Review

Before using Gate 1 Travel, it was hard to find online reviews that gave a true indication of the experience of using Gate 1 and its services. Hoping to help you all out, we decided to create a Gate 1 Travel review of our own! Gate 1 Travel is an internet-based travel booking company that has, since 1981, grown into one of the largest… Read More