Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala is a magical food. It’s the national dish of Britain, yet Indian, while also an extremely popular dish throughout the rest of Europe where the Dutch East India Company once plied their trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. Paradoxically, however, Chicken Tikka Masala wasn’t even created at this time, and really isn’t a traditional Indian dish, despite it’s popularity. Rather, it… Read More


Review of Great Little Breaks

Great Little Breaks, located at www.greatlittlebreaks.com, is a UK-based travel website that focuses entirely on short trips in the United Kingdom. Its focus is on providing affordable hotels in slightly more far-flung locations throughout the United Kingdom, places where the average traveler coming from somewhere outside of the UK might not target as their next holiday location, but where residents of the UK just might. It’s… Read More


What Is The Best Time To Visit Europe?

Deciding the best time to visit Europe depends on many factors, all of which really decide on what type of trip you’re looking for and where you want to visit, specifically, in Europe. Yet, there’s also a third factor to consider when determining what time of year is best to visit Europe – price. All these factors weigh heavily, and vary from person to person…. Read More

+ Hyde Park in London

Ten Parks You Should See In London, England

When one thinks of traveling to London, it’s often easy to center your plans around the brick and mortar of the city – the museums, pubs, stunning Victoria architecture, and centuries-old government buildings. But outside of the stone and brick that make up the city, there’s another element that makes London a must-see. The parks. In fact, London is so blessed with vast and… Read More


Visit the Pubs and Pathways of Jack The Ripper in London

Since the late 1800’s, the legend of the infamous Jack the Ripper Murders in London’s East End has fascinated historians and mystery enthusiasts around the world. Now, a disturbingly accurate dictation of events in the form of a diary signed by “Jack the Ripper” is being reexamined – could he finally be identified? His is a dark tale of murder and mayhem so shrouded… Read More