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Germany sits quite squarely in the middle of Europe, and fittingly so, as much of European history seems to have revolved around Germany and its people. From the Frankish and Holy Roman Empire to the Weimar Republic and the destruction of the Berlin Wall, Germany has a way of constantly being front-and-center in the events of world history. The country reflects this steeped past, through its status as the beer-making capital of the world to it's beautiful Bavarian architecture and castles upon hill-tops, a stroll through Germany is a stroll through time.










Brandenburg Gate


The Black Forest

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Berlin Wall

Historic Port of Hamburg

Sanssouci Park and Palace


Germany has some of the most notable and picturesque attractions, towns, and cities in Europe, so it's no wonder you would need weeks to see it all properly. Our best advice - start in Bavaria (south) and work your way north toward Scandinavia. It's especially beautiful to see how the landscape changes as you travel north in Germany.

Depending on the length of your trip, and taking geographic proximity into account, here are our recommended priorities:

3 days: Munich, Bavarian castles

6 days, add: Rhine Valley, Rothenburg

8 days, add: More of Bavaria and Tirol,  day trip to Salzburg (Austria) or Innsbruck (Austria)

12 days, add: Berlin

15 days, add: Baden-Baden, Black Forest, Dresden

18 days, add: Nürnberg, Mosel Valley, Trier

21 days, add: Würzburg

More time: Choose among Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, and the Martin Luther towns (Erfurt and Wittenberg).

Essential Information

Language: German, however most of the population has at least a working proficiency of English. While it helps to know some basic German commands, English-speakers will be able to get around fine.

Currency: Euro (EUR). EUR is currently 0.93 for 1 USD. Like most countries on EUR, debit and credit cards will be easy to use if you call your institution ahead of time.

Power Adapter: In Germany the power sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Emergency Number: 112

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