Tripmasters is an online travel agency that focuses on multiple city, budget vacations from the United States to Europe, Asia, South America, Oceania and even Hawaii. We’ve used Tripmasters numerous times, as well as its sister company European Destinations to book international vacation packages, and trust the company completely. What we’ve found is an honest organization that provides unspeakably inexpensive vacation packages from the U.S. that are fully customizeable and come with excellent customer service. In fact, we’ve trusted enough to recommend to friends and family who have all booked through the service, and had great experiences of their own.

Before we get going, I want to be clear that we are, in no way, being compensated for this review. However, we’ve been loud and proud supporters of Tripmasters for several years among our friends and family, and wanted to share the information with our readers. We hope you’re able to glean enough information from this review to give them a try. There are plenty of reasons to do so, and we’ll do our best to details as many of them as possible in this review.

Also, we want to add that is our ideal provider for multiple-city vacations – this is where you really get the value. If you’re looking for a packaged deal for flights and hotels, but you’re only going to one city, you are probably better off using Expedia or Travelocity, and compare package options.

If you’re looking for two or more cities – you would be silly without going via Tripmasters. In fact, we’ve found that we can almost always find otherwise-unknown hotel deals and find great places to stay in European cities like Barcelona.

Ease Of Use

Formerly an off-line travel agency, in the more traditional form of vacation booking that was prevalent in the 1980s and early 1990s, Tripmasters is one of the few companies of that era that successfully embraced technology and made the move to becoming a completely online booking agency – unless, of course, you want to speak to one of their agents.

Located at, the first thing you’ll notice about the website is the easy-to-use interface. The front page is not unlike any other online travel booking agent with which you might be familiar, be it Expedia, Priceline, or otherwise. As shown below, it’s laid out in a simple pattern that even someone who isn’t particularly computer savvy can easily understand.

Tripmasters website UI

Outside of the centrally-located booking engine, where one can build out custom trips in seconds (more on that in a moment), you’ll notice a breakdown of all of the areas Tripmasters offers vacations to in the upper right corner of the front page. You can easily click on one of these buttons to go to the area of Tripmasters that focuses on vacations in that region, or simply begin building your trip in the central booking engine.

A third option is to scroll down where you see the photos of different vacation groupings, including “European Best Sellers”, “Best of Southeast Asia“, “Hawaii Island Hopping”, and “Best of Costa Rica”. This will show you the pre-established itineraries provided by (which you can always alter) if you’re not quite sure exactly how you want to travel, but you know where you want to travel.

There are a few other options on this screen, including the “Search Tripmasters” bar at the top, which is a keyword search function that will take you to a page of already-established itineraries that include any keywords you type in the above space. If you prefer a detailed listing of all destinations, click on the “view destinations” bar on the right with the “down” arrow. This will take you to a broad page with a listing of all cities and countries where Tripmasters (and its sister company, European Destinations) travels.

A final way to immediately navigate to a listing of itineraries is to click on the “top deals” tab in the upper left corner, under the Tripmasters logo. This takes you to a page with some of the strongest discounts on the site.

How You Get Cheap Flights and Hotels

So, how is it that Tripmasters comes across its discounts, which it then passes along to its customers?

The arrangement is fairly simple. Tripmasters has a team of representatives who reach out to create relationships with airlines around the world. Once Tripmasters brings up one of these airline partners, they scour their schedules to see flights which have low bookings, for whatever reason. This could be due to overall interest in the traffic, or merely the time of the flight. Either way, these flights are allowed to be sold at a discount through Tripmasters as a part of the packaged itineraries. While this may sound like flights are undesirable, most are plenty comfortable enough and on schedules which aren’t that bad. Typically, if going to Europe, you’ll have an overnight flight which gets you to your destination sometime before noon, in most cases. Keep in mind that you can also still access European trips through’s sister site – European Destinations, located at

For hotels, Tripmasters really is an expert at making relationships with small, local, non-chain, boutique hotels. These hotels often lack the big advertising budgets and marketing departments of a larger chain, so they rely essentially on word-of mouth to get their name out. Tripmasters pairs with these companies, which will often discount their rooms up to half the price of a regular booking.

What results is a combination flight and hotel booking that can save you anywhere between 35% to 70% off the price of a multiple-city, international itinerary.

How The Booking Engine Works

The primary booking engine, located in the large, transparent box in the center of the front page, allows you to wholly customize trips from scratch. I’m not ashamed to say that, not only have we booked on this site numerous times, but I’ve spent far more time simple researching different itineraries and ideas out of the Miami airport. This booking engine becomes, in a way, it’s own tool of daydreaming and visualization, which is incredibly cool and can keep you on the site for hours while you lust over all the places you want to visit! We always tell people when we talk about Tripmasters to “prepare to spend a few hours on there!”

The engine is simply laid out, with boxes for all of your typical trip itinerary information including departure airport (“leaving from”), cabin class (airline), “going to”, dates, and number of nights. To build a multi-city itinerary to more than one location, which is the most beneficial way to use Tripmasters or European Destinations, you can enter the first city you want to visit, then add more by simply clicking the “add city” button, as shown in the lower left side below.

tripmasters add city button

In the below example, I’ve selected Miami as the departure airport, with Helsinki as the first stop, then added Tallinn and St. Petersburg as the 2nd and 3rd itinerary locations, and specified three nights in each. Then, simply click on “no more cities, continue” to view details, customize your trip, and purchase.

Eastern Europe Itinerary

The next screen will give you the opportunity to adjust a few areas, including your transportation between cities, how many hotel rooms you need, and how many guests are included. As you can see, I’ve selected “on your own” to travel from Helsinki and Tallinn because the cities are so close to each other. In fact, there’s a three-hour ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, making the need for a flight entirely needless (plus, you’ll save money).

You can also change the need for hotel rooms and travelers with the dropdown to the left, with 10 different options for traveler and hotel room arrangements, including accommodations for children. Once you’ve selected what you need, simply press “continue”. In the example below, we’ve chose one hotel room for two people.

Here’s where things get fun with Tripmasters! LOOK AT THE PRICING! Two people, with nine total nights over three European cities, with all flights and all hotels, for only $1,979!


For under $2,000 TOTAL!

From here, however, you still have continual options. As in the above screen, you see the “find cheaper flights” button, which allows you to look for direct flights, different layover, extended layovers, or practically any arrangement you could imagine. Furthermore, if you scroll down while on this screen, you’ll be able to change hotel room,s add activities, car rental, rail passes, and intercity transfers including ferries, trains and private transfers – per the picture below.

You can even open up maps within the user interface that allows you to view hotels in relation to popular attractions and public transportation!

Tripmasters change hotel

Once you’ve decided on the package you want, you’ll be taken to the booking page where you can elect your payment method, including Paypal and Paypal Credit program (which allows you to pay off the trip over 6 months, interest free). If the cost of your trip is in excess of $2,000, you’ll have the option to book it for a “down payment”, which is normally 60-70% of the total package cost. Of the remainder, you’ll pay half one month after you book, and the other half one month before departure for the trip.

As you see, once you’ve done the proper research, you can book a trip in literally minutes with Tripmasters – something we’ve now done countless times and will continue to do!

Customer Service

We can’t speak highly enough about the customer service at Tripmasters, and we have specifics to prove it. Never did we call and have to leave a message, never did our call go unanswered, and never did we have a problem go unresolved. If you need the contact information, it’s easy to find on the website, and multiple options for reaching an agent are available.

Tripmasters Customer Service

First, the communication with you after you book your trip is incredible. You’ll receive confirmation e-mails after booking that will include a unique identifier that allows you to check on the status of your trip at any time, as well as your payment schedule and full itinerary. If anything  changes, however, they contact you immediately with not only the problem, but a ready-made solution.

To give you an example, when Tracy and I went to Vienna, Barcelona, and Lisbon through Tripmasters’ sister site, European Destinations, we had a layover in Madrid on our way to Vienna out of Miami. We received an email immediately stating that our initial flight leaving Miami had been delayed by 15 minutes, which cut our layover to under one hour in Madrid. Being such a tight schedule on an international trip, Tripmasters proposed we fly from Madrid to Vienna on a slightly later flight to avoid the hassle of having such a short layover. They even sent us a revised itinerary, and all we had to do was simply respond back via e-mail that we accepted the changes.

Within 24 hours, we had an e-mail with the updated itinerary, and the vacation went off without a single problem thanks to their excellent customer service!

This isn’t the only case, however. We’ve had questions about payment information, changing credit cards, and even itineraries, and Tripmasters/European Destinations has provided impeccable service every time.

Lowest Priced Airfare And Hotels From The U.S.

What makes Tripmasters so great, beyond the user interface, easy-to-use platform and excellent customer service is the obvious.


We’ve traveled extensively around the globe, and nowhere have we seen prices as low. I spoke with a Tripmasters media representative months ago in regard to a possible partnership, and her reply was indicative of why we recommend them to you despite having absolutely no formal ties, and receiving no compensation for writing this. Her reply?

“Sorry, we don’t partner with outside brands as our fares are so low there isn’t margin to pay anyone to promote it.”

Think that sounds like a long shot? Unreasonable? Well, you’re reading a long blog entry with dedicated space on a website that took a lot of time to write. It isn’t being written because we were paid. It’s written because we love Tripmasters, believe it’s the best deal on the entire internet for international vacation packages from the U.S. to Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania, and want our readers to benefit. Period.

You won’t find a less expensive option for international travel from the United States to locations throughout the world than with Tripmasters – and the ease-of-use and friendly service only adds to the experience.

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Other Travel Tips

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  1. is an amazing site that lives up to its title of “Masters”.. It makes the overseas traveling experience easy when there is so much to worry about. This article is not only on point but give you that sense of relief you want when booking sp many activities (hotels, flights, and rentals) at once.

    Thanks for sharing!
    – Tito

    • Thanks Tito! Glad you enjoyed the article… amazing website, indeed.

  2. A recent 17 day vacation to equador was my third tripmasters vacation. The first one to South East asia was awesome. The second to Australia, Malasia and Thiland was great too. This one was a disaster! Leaving, our flight was delayed due to weather. we were forced to talk to a lady in Asia, who had no idea where we were and had NO current info on US flights. They wanted to re=book us 3 days later and make us miss 3 days of travel we already paid for. 5 hours on the phone and we were able to re-book ourselves by talking directly to the airline. The first hotel was ok, although I’m 54 years old and my party days are over. the hotel was in a noisy, busy party section of Quito. The second hotel was a complete DUMP! I would NOT stay there! In Cuenca, we left and went to the Sheridan! We called and told them we weren’t staying there…NO HELP AT ALL!!! NO REFUND or any compensation! Trip masters has gotten too big for it’s own britches! Yea it’s cheap….but so are Hostels, and riding the chicken bus! No traveling like that! Will never use them again!

    • Hi Leonard! First off, thanks for reading our blog, and thanks even more for taking the time to comment! Sorry that you didn’t have a similar experience on the most recent trip as you did on the others – but we definitely appreciate you sharing your personal experience for the benefit of the rest of our readers. I can’t say we’ve had the same experience, but I can imagine how frustrated that might have been. Hopefully the rest of your travels will be even better than you imagine, no matter how you get there!

  3. My husband and I used Tripmasters for the first time last August. We traveled to London and then to Ireland. We had an awesome trip and were super happy with our experience with Tripmasters. Yes, and I too love their website. I felt that half the fun and excitement was planning our trip and their website did not disappoint. We did have cause to speak to their customer service and they were the best. Needless to say, we are in the midst of planning our next trip – this time Italy – with Tripmasters. I was very pleased to see your blog and your confirmation of my own experiences.

    • That’s great to hear! We’ve been to Italy twice with Tripmasters, and I’m confident you guys will have a great time. Enjoy yourselves, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love your review! Just checking your website and following you on twitter as well (@gipsytizen) Keep this level of quality and honesty on your content! I wish you thousands and thousands of amazing trips!

  5. Awesome post! My husband and I have our first Tripmasters trip booked for spring of 2019 (to Italy!) and we are so excited. When I first found them I was so skeptical of the low prices, I figured it must be too good to be true. But after much internet research, it seems that is not the case! Thanks for the in-depth post and personal experiences with the site, it makes me even more comfortable with our booking!

    • You’re welcome, Alanna! It’s a great site. Hope you guys enjoy your trip!!! Be sure to come back and let us know how it all went once you come back ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You mentioned that Europeandestinations is a sister site and that you booked through them to go to europe. Tripmasters also books Europe. Is there a difference that you notice (prices, selection, other) between the two, primarily for booking from US to Europe?

    Also you mentioned that tripmasters has deals with local hotels that might not have relationshipsome with other booking sites so they give large discounts. Does that mean when choosing the hotel on trip masters that it’s better to choose local hotels than to choose well-known chain hotels. (At least for value)


    • Good questions, Todd… So first off, no. Think of European Destinations as exactly the same thing as the Europe “section” of Tripmasters. I haven’t seen any difference at all, personally. And secondly, YES – we always choose the local hotels. We have better experiences there, and they’re always cheaper. Tripmasters has some hotels that fall under a chain umbrella, but it has far-and-away more hotels that are independent.

  7. I liked how you gave your review on tripmasters..It was of great help..Thank you !!

  8. Hi Justin,
    Four of are planning a trip to Spain in October to celebrate my 60
    birthday. We are thinking of doing a 12 to 14 trip. We are interested in Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Madrid. Do you have suggestions for the trip? We went to Athen, Santorini and London 3 years ago and was please with tripmaster.

    • Hi Roz! I like the itinerary you have… here’s one idea to help – make sure you rent a car and drive, if possible. That area is so beautiful, and you want the flexibility of being able to stop wherever you would like. Also, consider making a swing into Portugal – namely Lisbon or The Algarve. Enjoy your trip!

  9. Hi! I have booked a trip with Tripmasters to Europe in August. Do they send you another email with your plane tickets when the trip gets closer? So far I only have the vouchers. This is my first time out of the US & using tripmasters. Beyond excited but would love to be prepared.

    • Great question, Ashley! No, once the trip is paid you will have access to your vouchers. Once you have the vouchers, you’ll have all the information you need to go online and print boarding passes, check-in to flights, or get set-up for a mobile boarding pass ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoy your trip!

  10. I like the way you can easily compare costs for different travel days.

  11. Hi! Loved your review on Tripmasters. I want to book a tri-city trip to Europe including London, Rome and Paris for my family and I but I was wondering if getting their travel insurance that they offer is something youโ€™d suggest? Would love some advice as itโ€™s our first trip to Europe! Thank you!

    • Hi Rocio! It’s actually pretty good – our preferred is World Nomads or Allianz ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey guys, sorry to bug again. I donโ€™t know if you could help me but I was wondering if you recommend getting hotel transfers or would ordering a cab be more cost efficient in London, Paris, and Rome? The price of the transfers from/to hotels and to airports seem a bit high given that they are private transfers but I wouldnโ€™t care too much about that more than just getting there lol thanks in advance!

        • Hi Rocio – thanks for messaging us! Taxis are useful, but expensive. If you can get private transfer, use that. Public transportation is best, as long as you have a metro station nearby your hotel. Also, there are taxi scams that exist in pretty much any major city where they’ll prey on a tourist’s lack of knowledge about where they’re visiting, and either take an extremely long route, or just blatantly overcharge. You shouldn’t be in “fear” of that, but just be aware of it. If you really don’t have an option, most taxi drivers are honest – even in most of these bigger cities. You’ll be fine, but you’ll pay extra for sure.

  12. Thanks for your review of It puts me a little more at ease of booking our upcoming trip to Athens, Santorini, Rome, and Naples (late October through early November). The only thing about booking through Tripmasters that I’m still leery about is airfare. Is Economy considered “basic economy” where you have to pay for everything? Or is it Main Cabin Economy? I also am not sure about paying for my seat selection after I buy the package. Will I be paying for this privilege for each leg? And how much does that generally cost?

    • Good question, Donna! That really depends more on the airline. I’ll say that the only long-haul flight that we really didn’t like was from Miami to Rome on Alitalia. It was like being in the back of a pick-up for 10 hours…

      Otherwise, we’ve pretty much always gotten one free full-size, and one free carry on, with comfortable arrangements.

      • Justin & Tracy, what are your thoughts about booking and price changes? I’m trying to book a trip to Paris and Italy. I looked last week and prices were great along with flight times. This week price is up and flights have long layovers. Have you experienced waiting to book and prices dropping again eventually? I’ve been watching prices everyday. But they are still up.

        • Hi Laura! The prices are seasonal, for sure, but they really don’t change too much. We’ve thought the ideal time to book is about 4 months out, just because you get really flexible payment options!

  13. Hi! I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are about to book an Italy vacation on tripmasters…should we get the tickets to attractions through them as well or is there a better way to do that(like should we go to the museum/attraction’s own websites?) Or can you book the trip through tripmasters and then come back and add the tickets later? I want to book our trip asap but I am not quite all planned out as far as exactly what attractions we want to do and when. I’m so excited! We have never been to Europe together…or done much traveling at all honestly because we’ve been sooo busy having seven children over the past 19 years-ish of marriage…gonna celebrate the big 20 soon and gosh darnit, we deserve to go to Italy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I would definitely do some shopping. I’ve found it to be cheaper through a provider like Viator ๐Ÿ™‚

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